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Aussie trades in one-decade lows, sub-0.6600 figure

  • AUD/USD bounces modestly from one-decade low. 
  • A bullish correction up could be on the cards. 


AUD/USD daily chart


AUD/USD is chopping near one-decade lows while trading well below the main daily simple moving averages (SMAs).


AUD/USD four-hour chart


The trend is bearish, however, as the US dollar is losing steam across the board a bullish correction cannot be ruled out. Bulls would need to regain the 0.6635/0.6649 resistance cluster in order to regain some strength. Below this area, the market is likely to remain vulnerable to bearish incursions with 0.6514, 0.6480 and 0.6400 acting as potential support.



Resistance: 0.6555, 0.6635, 0.6649

Support: 0.6514, 0.6480, 0.6400


Additional key levels


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