Australian PM Morrison declares human biosecurity emergency
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Australian PM Morrison declares human biosecurity emergency

Following his advice against large gatherings, the Australian PM Scott Morrison declares the human biosecurity emergency in the nation. The national leader also upgraded travel ban to the Australians to Level 4 across the world and recommends to not travel anywhere outside the national boundaries.

Key quotes

Whatever we do, we have do it for atleast six months.

Advice is that the schools should remain open.

Ban on non-essential gatherings of more than 100 in indoor areas.

Government is considering further safety net measures.

Economic measures will focus on cushioning the impact.

Small business, welfare recipients the focus.

RBA has been involved in the talks on economic measures.

FX implications

The global markets pay a little heed to the news with the AUD/USD pair taking rounds to 0.6015/20 by the press time while S&P 500 Futures turning red with a loss of 0.45% to 2,465.

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