Commodities Trading

Trade increased Oil and Gold volatility at NDDFX with spreads from just 0.04pts.
  • Trade UK Crude Oil on fixed spreads, 1% margin
  • Maximise your potential with exceptional trade executions
  • Go long or short on US and UK crude

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Use NDDFX as your Commodities broker

NDDFX is the place to trade commodities if you are looking for tight spreads and excellent execution. To get sharp prices across all our commodities, we use both Tier 1 bank liquidity as well as specialized non-bank market maker to achieve fast and accurate prices. We are especially competitive in the oil markets and have some of the most narrow spreads in the world.

Be confident in the quality of trading conditions

NDD Execution

Our trading platform and server are 100% automated.

  • No one person in our company influences the execution of your transactions.
  • Maximum fast execution of all types of orders

No requotes

All transactions are executed on the market at the best price available

  • All types of orders. IN/OUT, Market, Limit, Close by, Close all, etc.
  • Rest assured that requotes will not prevent you from closing a trade at the right moment for you.

Low spread and commission

Trade with minimal costs and fees for the broker.

  • Best Spreads based on aggregate liquidity
  • Be confident that you got a great price

MT5 with FIX API 4.4 Bridge

Direct connection to the liquidity pool of your MT5 account.

  • Execution in about 10 ms
  • Slippage reduction
  • access to liquidity through the NDDFX pricing system

What is Commodities trading?

Commodity trading involves the purchase or sale of commodities such as gold for profit. Our commodities trading offering covers 18 markets. It includes metals such as gold and silver, energy products like oil and natural gas, as well soft commodities like corn and wheat.

Because of their trending nature, and sometimes rapid movements due geopolitical or economic risks and uncertainties as well as sudden sharp shifts in demand and supply, commodities are very popular among traders.

Commodities Trading Conditions


At NDDFX, you can speculate on 10+ spot and futures commodities with competitive spreads and exceptional execution.

Improve your trading potential

Indices enable you to speculate on both rising and falling markets

Broaden your trading opportunities

Tap into the opportunity of a market without stock-specific risks

Take advantage of market movement*

Trade on volatility generated from corporate news and world events

Check our Market hours for open/trading hours across all of our products.

NDDFX Account Types

Your questions, answered.

Our non-bank market traders who specialize in Indices or Commodities trading fill CFDs to ensure tight prices and the best execution.

NDDFX компенсируется спредом, который представляет собой разницу между ценами покупки и продажи.

Кроме того, с вас может взиматься ночной финансовый сбор, если вы держите позицию в течение ночи, после 17:00 по восточному времени.

Index CFDs are cash instruments and subject to daily rollover fees. 3 day CFD financing is applied to open positions on Friday to cover the weekend (as opposed to 3 day FX swaps applied on Wednesday rollover).

All of our CFD markets, including markets on MetaTrader, expire. 

When a CFD market expires, we close all open positions based on our most recent prices and all open orders are cancelled. To retain your open positions in a market, you must manually open a new position in the next contract month.

Indices are a measurement of the price performance of a basket of stocks from an exchange. For instance, the AUS200 follows the 200 largest companies on the Australian Stock Exchange and the US500 that tracks the largest 500 companies by market cap on the following exchanges; NYSE, NASDAQ, CBOE. Our indices CFDs are derivative securities that track the underlying markets as well as the pricing from our CFD providers and enable clients to speculate on price movements without having to actually own the actual futures product.

CFD trading is extremely risky. As you are trading a leveraged product, you will have the ability to open positions that are far larger than your account balance. Accordingly, it is possible to lose more than your account balance.

With most CFDs, financing is debited for long positions or credited for short positions daily if you are in a position at 5pm ET.

These charges are typically calculated as follows:

F=(S x P x R)/D

F – Daily Financing Charge
S – Number of CFDs (2500)
P – Closing Price
R – Relevant interest rate benchmark, +250 basis points for longpositions or -250 basis points for short positions, e.g. (4.50% + 3.00%) = 7.50%
D – Number of days, i.e. 365 for UK shares and 360 for all others

Benefits of World Class Trading

Tight Spreads

You'll be able to trade on competitive rates and leverage our global reach.

  • We understand what you need
  • Trade with a transparent broker


Deep liquidity through ECNs and dark pools. Get the ECN advantage.

  • Be a part of an elite trading community
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Range of Markets

Get access to the world's most liquid markets. Trade 24 hours a day.

  • Keep up with your favorite assets
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Several account Types

Choose the best trading account that suits your trading style.

  • Trading conditions on demo and real accounts are as identical as possible.
  • Support of any trading strategies.

No Restrictions

We've got you covered: technical, fundamental, news, and EA friendly.

  • Learn how to trade without worry
  • Be in control of your trades

Low Latency

Fast execution speeds from as low as 10ms. Competitive pricing

  • Get the best prices in the market
  • Get what you want, when you want it

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Access to market depth on all account types

Depth of Market (or DoM), is a popular one that allows traders to see market liquidity. This refers to the number of trades on the market at what price.

Market liquidity is an important aspect for traders. If there isn’t enough liquidity in a market to match your orders your orders will be slipped or filled at higher or lower prices than you intended.