Trade with a broker without conflict of interest. Deals on all client accounts are executed according to the A-book model. Every deal in our company is executed without the participation of a dealer (No Dealing Desk). That’s why you always get the best prices with minimal slippages and markups.

First deposit
10000 USD/EUR
Execution type
Floating from 0.3 points
3$ per Lot
Execution Speed
〜100 ms
Metatrader 5

Advantage of DMA NDD account

A DMA NDD account is the best choice for serious traders for whom maximum transparency is important.

Full market depth exposes traders to multiple levels of liquidity, allowing them to understand the market much better and execute trades at the best available prices with minimal slippage and execution delays. An order placed in the trading platform on this type of account will be immediately transmitted to the liquidity provider on behalf of NDDFX, where the order will actually become an offer to other participants in the liquidity pool, where it can be executed without additional markups. Upon execution, NDDFX will update that order in your trading platform at the same execution price. The average execution time is about 100 ms. It is very important to remember, since this is interbank liquidity, a large market order(For example, over 20 million), can go through the first few levels of market depth and possibly widen the spread. The spread may widen as the trade is executed.