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10 frequently asked questions

How to start trading in the market?

In order to start trading on the international currency market, you need to download from our website the trading platform“MetaTrader 5“. Once you have downloaded the platform, you will need to register a demo or trading account in the relevant sections of the site.

How to open a trading account?

“You need to register in our Trader Room.
“In your personal office, you will be asked to register a trading account. Open a trading account by filling out all the necessary fields in the open window. As a result, you will get a login and password to log in to your account. Using this data, log in to the trading platform.

What is the login and password for? Where to enter them?

After registering your trading account, you will be sent an email with a login (trading account number) and password. The login and password must be entered in the trading platform. Once you have installed a trading platform from our site, the first time you start it, you will open a window in which you need to enter the login and password.

The contract of public offer. Is it legally binding?

A public offer agreement is a perfectly legal form of contracting from the point of view of legislation. The essence of the following – the law provides for such a form of contracting (i.e. the appearance of obligations in the contract), which does not require its written registration. NDDFX announces its intention to assume obligations on our company’s official website listed in the Contract to anyone “who responds” and the client makes our intention into our obligations. To do this, the client only needs to do some actions (register on the site, open an account). As soon as the client commits such actions, the contract is considered concluded, and the obligations of the parties come into force. The legality of this “force” is defined by the civil code governing the rights and obligations of citizens and legal entities.

Start deposit?

The starting deposit for opening an account is $100/€100/?5000.

How much money does it take for a minimum deal?

In order to open a deal with a minimum lot (0.01), you will need from $2-3, but for some currency pairs and other instruments will need more funds depending on the maximum available leverage on the account and trading tool.

How do I register in my personal office?

In order to register in a personal office, you need to click on the “Personal Cabinet” at the top of the main page of the site, and then fill out the registration form.

What is a personal office for?

A personal office is a closed virtual office of the trader, where you are presented with an individual set of services to manage your accounts, input and withdrawal operations. Also, the personal office contains all the necessary legal documents, supporting instructions on input and withdrawal operations and additional training materials on the global financial markets.

What trading platform do you offer customers?

Our company offers its customers the most reliable and modern trading platform MetaTrader 5.

Where to download the trading platform?

Trade platform you can download on the page – Trading platform Metatrader 5

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