Trade with a broker without conflict of interest. Deals on all client accounts are executed according to the A-book model. Every deal in our company is executed without the participation of a dealer (No Dealing Desk). That’s why you always get the best prices with minimal slippages and markups.

First deposit
50000 USD/EUR
Execution type
Floating from 0.0 points
3$ per Lot
Execution Speed
〜100 ms
Metatrader 5

Advantage of Fix APi account

Fix Api account provides the best possible trading conditions that are available in our company. If you open this account, your trading conditions will be similar to the trading conditions of liquidity providers.

Thanks to our technology, your trading account will have the highest execution speed of less than 10 ms. We recommend this type of account to professionals and traders who work with HFT trading strategies. Also on this type of account it is allowed to place stop and limit orders, in close proximity to the market price. Stop and limit levels for Fix Api account are zero. The prices are sourced from a wide number of top tier LPs and banks, however the LP names are not listed. All DMA trades are centrally cleared. All liquidity providers are anonymous on the platform. You will pay a commission of 3$ per lot. Our standard commission is one of the lowest in the world. Example: If you trade 1 lot of EURUSD, with a contract size of 100,000 EUR, your commission per side is 1.5 EUR and 3 EUR in both directions.