NDDFX DMA Advantage

The main advantage of DMA (Direct Market Access) technology is the direct access to the market: all orders are sent directly to liquidity providers, without the intervention of a broker. DMA orders are sent directly to the exchange, bypassing the brokerage company, increasing the speed of transaction execution. Thus, traders receive the most transparent execution at the best market price according to the Best Bid – Best Ask principle. Each order enters the liquidity provider’s price “stack” directly and “creates a market”.

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Global Prime ECN offers advanced and high-performance technology, leveraging our decades of trading relationships to give you direct and anonymous access to a truly unique and diversified mix of liquidity.

For the first time ever, you’ll have access to the same level of liquidity as institutional traders.

NDDFX DMA Features

DMA trading can take place in many ways. Transact with different banks or other liquidity providers to gain the best market access.

DMA NDD operation model

For Institutional Traders
  • Central limit order book (CLOB) allowing trading as price maker or price taker.
  • Basically an OTC version of an exchange that uses external liquidity from banks and other market makers for a diverse and competitive liquidity mix.
  • Trades are executed anonymously
  • The DMA is responsible for matching trades done between participants.
  • Institutional ECN examples: HotSpot FX, FXALL, EBS, FastMatch and TraderTools.
For Retail Brokers and Traders
  • Quote driven order book where traders can trade as (price) taker only.
  • Multiple bank and non-bank liquidity providers ‘aggregated’ into a best bid / best offer, and streamed to traders for them to execute against (as taker).
  • Trades are executed anonymously.
  • Orders are executed with liquidity providers and not B-booked.
  • The broker does not run a B-book or make money from traders’ losses.

Is NDDFX really an DMA broker?

NDDFX pools liquidity from Tier 1 banks, non-bank market makers and (institutional) ECNs.

  • All NDDFX trades above the minimum level of our prime broker are executed with a liquidity provider. For more information, see our Best Execution page.
  • We are confident in our ability to hedge all trades backwards and take no risk (except small tickets which are hedged in batches), and that we do the right thing for our clients.

NDDFX DMA A-book vs Market Maker or ‘ECN/STP pricing’

We trade with, and not against you. But what does this even mean?





Market Maker
‘ECN Pricing’

No conflict of interest between you making money and broker profitability?
Wants clients to trade profitably?
Does not make money from your losses?
Does not make hedge execution decisions based on client trading behaviour or account profitability?
Does not benefit from wider spreads causing stop out of retail traders.
Does not benefit from interbank stop hunting.


Your questions, answered.

Minimum deposit $10,000. The recommended deposit amount is $20,000.

Limit orders made via DMA trade tickets will be instantly passed to the execution venue, where they become bids/offers that other participants can interact with in the liquidity pool.

Customers must ensure that they have enough margin to place a limit order at both the time of entry as well as when stop/limit price is triggered.
NDDFX can cancel limit orders if the margin available to the customer falls below the margin required for the limit order. Stop Loss orders made via the DMA trade ticket will be held at the execution venue. They are subject to a price trigger and may not be exposed to the liquidity pool. Orders placed on the Standard Trade Ticket, Advanced Trading Platform, and web trading platforms will be triggered at top-of-book prices. The order will not be sent to liquidity pool until it is triggered.

Direct market access (DMA), a form of FX execution, allows traders to access the physical market directly without intermediaries.

NDD = No dealing desk which refers to a broker that does not market make rather, by way of our ECN we provide clients access to our network of LP’s, enabling every trade to be taken to the real market.

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Access to market depth on all account types

Depth of Market (or DoM), is a popular one that allows traders to see market liquidity. This refers to the number of trades on the market at what price.

Market liquidity is an important aspect for traders. If there isn’t enough liquidity in a market to match your orders your orders will be slipped or filled at higher or lower prices than you intended.