Segregated accounts

Segregated accounts are a company’s service to protect the client’s funds from the risks associated with the company’s activities by ensuring that the client’s funds are kept separate from the broker’s funds. Under the terms of THE NDDFX, up to 50 of your capital is held in a bank account while you trade all 100 deposits, due to the fact that NDDFX with its funds compensates for the difference.

What it gives you

  • diversification of funds: part of the funds in the brokerage account, some – on the bank
  • safety and protection from force majeure situations with the company
  • freedom to dispose of your own funds

What it gives NDDFX

  • Providing additional safeguards to protect funds for large customers
  • Confirmation of customer-oriented company status

Working conditions with segregated accounts

  1. Segregated accounts are provided for deposits of $100,000 (or equivalents in rubles or euros). The minimum amount of real funds in a trading account is $50,000.
  2. The service is provided by a separate additional application to the Customer Agreement.
  3. The ratio of own and credit funds is%/50%
  4. To obtain a segregated account, the Customer must provide a bank statement confirming that at least 50 funds are available from the size of the trading account balance.
  5. If the Client has current losses exceeding the size of his own funds by 10, the Client within 3 calendar days of receiving the requirement to replenish the account from the Company, transfers funds to maintain open positions.
  6. At the end of each calendar month, the results of the account are summed up for two working days. If the results of the month at the Customer has a loss not exceeding the size of his own funds, the Client transfers the funds covering the amount of the loss from the bank to the trading account for the next 3 working days.
  7. Profits exceeding the amount of real funds in the account can be withdrawn at any time without restrictions;
  8. The maximum deposit on open positions is limited by the amount of real funds in the account.
  9. The service is free.
  10. The service may be suspended at the request of either party, subject to 10 calendar days’ notice.

How it works

  1. You want to get a $100,000 segregated NDDFX account.
  2. You transfer to NDDFX 50% of the total amount – $ 50,000.
  3. The rest of the funds (at least $50,000) are placed in the bank account, you send us a statement about the availability of the necessary amount.
  4. You receive $50,000 in a trading account over and above the credit funds already transferred.
  5. At the end of the calendar month, you need to ensure that you have at least $50,000 of your own money in your trading account.
  6. Profits from trading operations exceeding the amount of the initial investment ($50,000) you can withdraw from the account without restrictions.