Real GDP expanded by 0.1% in January as 0.1% expected
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Housing starts rise above expectations but the trend is not particularly comforting – NFB

Data released on Monday, showed that Housing Starts in Canada rose to an annual rate of 193.5K in May, above the 150K expected. However, Kyle Dahms, analyst at the National Bank of Canada, points out that they ...

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NZD/USD still looks to the 0.5920 area – UOB

NZD/USD’s outlook remains on the bearish side, while a visit to 0.5920 should not be ruled out in the near-term, suggested FX Strategists at UOB Group. Key Quotes 24-hour view: “We highlighted the oversold cond...

GBP/USD ??????????????? ??? 1.2900 handle
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Double top confirmed – Credit Suisse

Below 1.2248, the cable finally confirms the looked for ‘double top’, and analysts at Credit Suisse continue to look for the core trend to turn lower. Key quotes “GBP/USD weakness has finally extended below key...

NZD/USD ???????? ????????????? ?????????
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Central banks to send the kiwi down – ANZ

The Kiwi is under pressure as the Fed rebuffs negative rates and the RBNZ embraces them. Economists at ANZ Bank expect further downside. Key quotes “US Fed Chair Powell said negative rates were not being consid...

NZD/USD steadies near mid-0.56s, erases around 1% on the day
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Vulnerable in the medium-term – Rabobank

As long as Chinese growth concerns are in the headlines, the kiwi will be vulnerable, according to economists at Rabobank. Key quotes “Whether or not Chinese demand for New Zealand dairy and meat proves to be f...

???????????? 1.3012 ??-???????? ???????????? – UOB Group
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Flexing against support level at 1.2250 – OCBC

The GBP/USD pair is flexing against support level at 1.2250 on headline-driven weakness, Terence Wu, an FX strategists at OCBC Bank, informs. Key quotes “The GBP/USD is flexing against the 1.2250 support amid n...

GBP/USD ????? ????? ?????????????? 1.30
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Rallies could be seen as opportunities to enter shorts – TD Securities

According to analysts from TD Securities with the end-June deadline fast approaching, the pound could be in for a rough period ahead. They see little evidence these concerns are in the price at this stage and t...

AUD/USD ?????????? ? ?????????????? ????????? ??? 0.6800
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Mild bearish reversal day posted – Credit Suisse

AUD/USD saw a rebound lower from just ahead of the April high at 0.6570 as expected, posting a mild bearish ‘reversal day’, per Credit Suisse.  Key quotes “The market rejected the 0.6570 April high and complete...

EUR/USD ???????? ? ??????? ?????????? ??? 1.1075
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EUR/USD keeps the mixed outlook unchanged – UOB

FX Strategists at UOB Group expect EUR/USD to remain within the broad 1.0730 and 1.0950 for the time being. Key Quotes 24-hour view: “EUR traded between 1.0799 and 1.0850 yesterday, lower and narrower than our ...

AUD/USD: ???? ?????????
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Australian dollar vulnerable to bouts of risk off – CitiBank

Analysts at Citibank consider the Australian dollar is vulnerable to risk aversion in the short-term. Their AUD/USD three-month target stands at 0.62 while they consider it will recover later reaching 0.67 in a...