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Asia consumers remain cautious about spending – Citibank

The Citibank analysts assess the impact of the Asian consumer spending on the US economic recovery, in their latest client note. Key quotes “The consumer is far from firing on all cylinders in Asia, and I think...

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Australian dollar vulnerable to bouts of risk off – CitiBank

Analysts at Citibank consider the Australian dollar is vulnerable to risk aversion in the short-term. Their AUD/USD three-month target stands at 0.62 while they consider it will recover later reaching 0.67 in a...

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Sterling is fundamentally cheap – CitiBank

Analysts at Citibank consider that the pound could rise back to 1.29-1.34 against the US dollar once the economy and markets return to normal.  Key Quotes: “US economy loses 20.5 million job losses in April and...

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A return to normality should see favor the pound – CitiBank

Analysts at Citibank point out that when FX volatility is elevated,  the pound is high beta to risk-on, risk-off, so they warn that in the short-term another leg lower in global equity markets will weigh on Ste...

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 Risks may be asymmetric to the downside – CitiBank

In their weekly strategy report, analysts at Citibank point out investors are concerned about US company earnings and economic outlook which increased the volatility of the market, favoring the yen. At the same...

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Sell the rallies amid coronavirus spread, poor fundamentals – Citibank

Analysts at Citigroup offer their view on trading the EUR/USD pair in the near-term, as coronavirus contagion spills over to Italy. Key quotes: “The euro is particularly vulnerable against the USD with a China-...

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Narrower US-EZ growth differentials in 2020 may lead to a rebound – CitiBank

Analysts at Citibank think pessimism regarding the Eurozone outlook may be overdone especially if Brexit is resolved and the European Central Bank (ECB) itself appears to be signalling little appetite to ease m...