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USD/JPY drops below 104.00 as President Trump’s speech fails to stabilize risk sentiment

USD/JPY is feeling the pull of gravity, tracking losses in the US stock futures.  President Trump’s speech fell short of expectations and has bolstered risk aversion. The bid tone around the anti-risk Ja...

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USD/JPY bounces off multi-year lows, trying to stabilize above mid-102.00s

The Japanese yen rallied hard amid the coronavirus-led global flight to safety. The US bond yields collapsed to historic lows on Fed rate speculations. USD/JPY nosedives to the lowest level since early November...

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China should strive to stabilize 2020 growth at about 5% by raising deficit-to-GDP ratio above 3%

The China Economic Weekly carried an article on Wednesday, citing Huang Qifan, Vice Chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and a former mayor of Chongqing city, as he made some commen...

When is the Chinese trade balance and how might it affect AUD/USD?
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Policy sources: China readies more measures to stabilize economy

According to some Chinese policy insiders, the policymakers are prepping up measures to limit the shock of a coronavirus outbreak on first quarter economic growth, per Reuters. Key Quotes: The government is deb...