GBP/USD ??????????????? ??? 1.2900 handle
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Double top confirmed – Credit Suisse

Below 1.2248, the cable finally confirms the looked for ‘double top’, and analysts at Credit Suisse continue to look for the core trend to turn lower. Key quotes “GBP/USD weakness has finally extended below key...

AUD/USD ?????????? ? ?????????????? ????????? ??? 0.6800
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Mild bearish reversal day posted – Credit Suisse

AUD/USD saw a rebound lower from just ahead of the April high at 0.6570 as expected, posting a mild bearish ‘reversal day’, per Credit Suisse.  Key quotes “The market rejected the 0.6570 April high and complete...

NZD/USD price action suppressed but COVID-19 risks weigh
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Expected to stay capped at pivotal resistance at 0.6180/6268 – Credit Suisse

The rebound higher in NZD/USD has faded just ahead of the key resistance zone starting at 0.6180 and extending all the way up to 0.6268, analysts at Credit Suisse inform. Key quotes “With a large bearish ‘trian...

AUD/USD ???????? ????? ??????? ????????? ???? 0.6830
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Moving higher after breaking above a key cluster of resistances – Credit Suisse

The market is expected to see further strength in the near-term, with 0.6687/6706 then expected to cap, according to analysts at Credit Suisse. Key quotes “We keep our short-term bias to the upside, whilst watc...

GBP/USD: ???????? ???????? ??????? - UOB
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Bearish death cross executed – Credit Suisse

GBP/USD has extended its rejection of its 200-day average and remains below its falling 55-day average, which have also completed a bearish ‘death cross’, per Credit Suisse. Key quotes “With a bearish moving av...

USD/CAD: ???? ????????? 1.33
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Renewed push higher – Credit Suisse

The market is seeing a renewed push higher, in line with the recently completed bullish ‘outside day’, according to analysts at Credit Suisse. Key quotes “The market has now broken above 1.4166/83 – the 3...

EUR/GBP ?????????? ????????
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Ideally finds a fresh floor above 0.8609 – Credit Suisse

Despite some recent falls, analysts at Credit Suisse believe the EUR/GBP pair can find a floor and rebound. Key quotes “EUR/GBP has fallen sharply after completing a top, but we see support well layered from th...

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Expected to retest its 2017 low – Credit Suisse

EUR/USD has seen a rollercoaster ride in March but remains below short-, medium- and long-term averages and the trend stays seen lower, in the opinion of analysts at Credit Suisse. Key quotes “A clear break of ...

AUD/USD ????????? ?? 3-????????? ?????????? ? ?????? 0.6850
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In a clear downtrend – Credit Suisse

AUD/USD is seeing a modest rebound higher following its sharp fall early last week, in line with the market being in oversold territory, economists at Credit Suisse apprise. Key quotes “The short term bounce mi...