Continuous trading servers are one of the biggest challenges

The quality of our services is one of our greatest challenges, and we are constantly optimizing our trading server and developing new technologies.

NDDFX Customer Success Rate

39.66 %

Calculation method

The same method of calculation is used in the formation of FX ratings for customer success as in analyzing the success of brokers’ clients belonging to the most reputable financial SRO in the world – the National Futures Association (NFA).

Only those customer accounts in which transactions have been made and/or positions are opened at any time during the specified period are involved in this customer success rating. Any trading accounts on which transactions were not traded and/or no positions were opened are not included in this calculation, regardless of the balance of the funds in the account.

Reasons for high customer success

Benchmark trading conditions

Thanks to an improved server system and direct bridges with liquidity providers, NDDFX customer transactions are performed 16 times faster than the industry average: in just 60 milliseconds versus 500. This allows NDDFX customers to enter the market at the beginning of the trend and gain a trading advantage over other players.

Professionals trade with us

The maximum success rate is shown by NDDFX customers with a deposit above $10,000 – traders who know all the intricacies of working in the financial markets, but continue to improve their skills on a daily basis. One of the main rules of financial success is: money is for money. The larger the deposit, the more room for manoeuvre, even in an unfavorable market trend.